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stevelewissaab for all saab parts


01955 621955

classic 900 - 9000 - 9 3 9 5 v4 2 stroke

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Web Store

NEW REAR speakers CLASSIC 900 CONVERTIBLE upgrade these are superb


These are some speakers I found that match the classic 900 convertible extremely well


Easy to fit - the cover is on poppers and simply prises off




4 screws hold the speaker in - remove and disconnect the old speaker




place the new speaker in and screw the screws back in - place the cover back on and a quick shove with the base of your hand to stick the poppers back together




Will fit the the rear without any additional effort


I'll install them for you if you're local to me .. or fancy the effort of visiting for a coffee to talk classic 900's


Beware I have got a PhD in boring for England on the subject



They will update the sound of even the oldest stereo



Not one complaint about my speaker choices .. (perhaps I know a bit more than I thought) 30 sets sold in total






Peak input power : 250 watts

Continous input power (RMS) : 80watts

Sensitivity (1W/1m) : 90dB

Frequency response : 45hz - 25khz

Nominal impedance: 4Ohm

Woofer magnet 10.97 oz

Directional rotational tweeter

Mounting depth 62.1mm

Speaker size 17cm (6.5')





Fits all models Convertible (REAR only)


1986 - 1993


best wishes Steve




01582 499777


I can be contacted until 10.00pm most evenings and weekends for support or advice

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